Feeding poor families in remote areas of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has faced severe economic conditions since 2000, struggling to feed its poorer population in remote areas. The country faces on-going economic challenges due to hyperinflation. International sanctions have worsened the lives of the most vulnerable. Long-term droughts have had a huge impact on harvests affecting the vast population in the rural areas who solely rely on subsistence farming for their livelihood. A large proportion of the population lives in poverty and most people face hardships to feed their themselves and their family.

The goal for food distribution in some poor communities in Zimbabwe was to provide food supplies to about 650 families, which equates to about 78,000 meals. In reality the food was distributed to 789 families.

Food hamper contents provided to needy families:

  • White Flour 1 kg
  • Dried beans 500 gm
  • Dried Fish 500 gm
  • Brown Sugar 2 Kg
  • Salt 1 Kg
  • Rice 2 Kg
  • Soap Bar 1 Kg
  • Vegetable Oil 750 ml
  • Mille-Meal (maize flour) 5 Kg

Calculated with an assumption that one hamper would feed a family of four members for approximately 10 days.
The food was distributed to the communities of following rural towns:

Food distribution at Glen Norah, Harare
Food hampers were distributed to 362 families. National ZBC TV channel (Zimbabwe Broadcast Channel) interviewed Chairman HF, President AMJ and some recipients of the food supplies and filmed the activity, which was broadcasted next day during news and was repeated every hour.

Food distribution in Murombedzi
Food was distributed to 105 families in the town of Murombedzi about 100 km from Harare. Town councillor, Secretary to the local member of the national parliament (MP) and district participated and helped distribute the food supplies. The secretary to the local MP had met with the local women the day before to identify potential income generation schemes, which she shared with HF for potential support.

Food distribution in Trelawney
Food was distributed to 80 families in the town of Trelawney, which is 1.5 hour drive from Harare. Town councillor, Town Head participated and the Political Commissar helped distribute the food supplies. We also met with Mr. FG Mukwangwariwa, the local MP Zvimba East constituency and introduced HF and its program of work. The MP was pleased with the HF work and welcomed our desire to work in his area.

Food distribution in Chiwiti
The distance from Harare to Chiwiti is 180 km (average driving time 4-5 hours one way), but the road after Chinhoyi is in extremely bad condition (2 hours were needed for 40 kilometres drive on the worst part of the road in a 4WD off-road vehicle). Food was distributed to 242 families in the village of Madzviti Zumba. The District Administrator participated in the distribution of food supplies.